Sunday, April 4, 2021

Mystery, Theology, Catholic Moral Teaching

     I found the series, written by Father Owen Francis Dudley, thoroughly entertaining, morally enriching and theologically informative. Teen through senior members of my family cheered for the "Masterful Monk" whenever his mysterious adventures unfolded in the series.
You can learn more about this series and how to obtain it 

Sunday, March 7, 2021

"faith versus works"

     The solution to the "faith versus works" argument is beautifully presented in Dr. Scott Hahn's Lighthouse Media CD, The Seven Last Sayings of Christ. Dr. Hahn facilitates a clear understanding of the work accomplished by the good thief in the miracle of his salvation.
     The listener also learns of the necessity of Our Blessed Mother's example and intercession in our Almighty Father's plan for our eternal union with Him. Biblical references abound in this eye opening and convicting work. Thank you Dr. Hahn and Lighthouse Catholic Media!    

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Praying as the Saints

The CD: Litany of the Saints and Traditional Catholic Prayers, is a delightful accompanyment to a joyous lifting of the heart and mind to God.  This comprehensive collection of devotions and novenas equips the aspiring prayer warrior with an armory of well loved treasures. Listen and pray along with divinely, scripturally inspired holy words of praise, contrition, thanksgiving and petition with Litany of the Saints and Traditional Catholic Prayers.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Missa Luba

     Haunting and reverent is the vibrant, rythmic Missa Luba. I first heard this sacred music on a vinyl recording when I was in High School. I imagined that in spite of severe hardship, the hearts of the cantors and musicians were divinely elevated by their worship of God. 
      I was so happy to learn that this timeless work is available on CD. Impeccably performed by the Troubadours-Roi-Baudouin, the Congolese and Latin chants continue to inspire a sense of holiness and beauty in this musical dialoge with our Blessed Lord. Missa Luba can be purchased @

Sunday, December 6, 2020


     Glorious are the Scriptural passages set to the music composed by George F. Handel! I have always delighted in listening to (and singing along with) Handel's Messiah at Christmas and Easter. My favorite recording is the breathtaking choral performance by the Cambridge Singers and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by John Rutter. This clear and absolutely marvelous rendition of the Messiah comes with a lovely summary of the history of its composition. Joyful and perfectly balanced, this recording of Handel's Messiah is a tremendous achievement and the best that I have ever heard. I will never grow weary of listening to this incorruptible masterpiece. The two CD set - Handel Messiah the Complete Work can be purchased @

Sunday, November 1, 2020

La Santa Eucaristía

El Misterio Divino del don de la Santa Eucaristía se explica bellamente en esta presentación de Lighthouse Catholic Media. a través de este alimento espiritual, Jesucristo nos ha dado la manera de esforzanos mientras intentamos acercarnos más a Él durante nuestro caminar terrenal. Por medio de la traducción al español de "The Eucharist: Sacrifice and The Mass" originalmente presentado por el Arzobispo Fulton Sheen, Padre Rivas nos recuerda la multitud de gracias y bendiciones sobrenaturales que nos brinda el Santísimo Sacramento. Esta es una de las muchas maravillosas producciones español de Lighthouse Catholic Media.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

How to Love As Jesus Loves~10

(Chapters 17 and 18 )  
     Attachment to the things of this world place our souls at a perilous distance from God. We surrender to God's will when we Detach from passions which threaten to monopolize our souls. In a brilliant metaphor, Father Donnelly illustrates the vast horizons of our God given souls. Our love relationship with Jesus encompasses every aspect of our hearts, minds and souls. A quote I will never forget is "The mother weeping in wild grief for her dead child is loving God with her whole heart."   
          Timeless Catholic writings are keys that help us to appreciate the vast treasures of our faith. I look forward to sharing more about  How to Love As Jesus Loves, Unlocking the Treasures of Christ's Sacred Heart,  by Francis P. Donnelly, S.J.