Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jesus Loves and Forgives

     The  collection Blessed Catherine Emmerich's visions about Mary Magdalene portrays one aspect of how Jesus loves and forgives all of us. These excerpts from Blessed Catherine Emmerich's divinely inspired writings: The Life of Jesus Christ, reveal the enduring patience and compassion of Our Blessed Lord for all of us sinners. We are also reminded in these writings of the immense supernatural power of intercessory prayer. 
     Our loved one's, and our own, conversion and reversion to the fullness of our Catholic faith are miraculous events which are cause for great hope and rejoicing. Even in the face of apparent hopelessness, there is never a reason to give up praying for our loved one's return to the glorious embrace of Our Eucharistic Savior, Jesus Christ.  After all, Our Blessed Mother Mary intercedes for ALL of her children without ceasing. Her powerful intercession guards and protects all of us as we daily strive to walk faithfully with her Son. His love and  forgiveness for Mary Magdele, as depicted in theses beautiful writings are gifts we receive daily. What a tremendous cause for gratitude ~ Praises be to Jesus forever!