Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Heart on Fire

     In a frictionless readable way, Father James Kubicki, S.J successfully introduces the contemporary reader to the spiritually transformative exercise of Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Father Kubicki's lovely style of writing, caringly teaches every Christian how to live this aspect of our faith. We learn that even our daily, hurried lives can be a holy expression of this sacred devotion. Its roots in Holy Scripture and Christian Tradition are clearly presented as are inspirational quotes from many Holy Saints. After reading this work, praying the Morning Offering will never be mundane, nor will the reader's experience of Mass, the Holy Eucharist, Adoration, Scripture reading/contemplation and daily prayers.  I highly recommend obtaining a copy of A Heart on Fire @ The Apostleship of Prayer.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

St Teresa-of Avila

     The Spanish language (with English Subtitles) DVD miniseries, St Teresa-of Avila, is informative and entertaining. St. Teresa's early life, her family's response to her vocation and the turmoil she faced throughout her humble service to Jesus are beautifully portrayed by Miss Concha Velasco. Admirable was this saint's undaunted fortitude, as she lead a reform within the Carmelite Order of nuns during a politically precarious time in the history of Spain. Her vigorous scriptural studies, divinely inspired writings and intense prayer life earned her the honor of Doctor of the Church. As Catholics, it is a holy assistance to have such a wonderful saint to emulate as we walk through our daily lives with Jesus.  

Sunday, October 2, 2016

An Excellent Resource for Mothers and Daughters

     All Things Girl, Friends, Fashion and Faith by Cheryl Dickow is an excellent resource for mothers and daughters. Grandmothers, aunts, teachers and mentors would also enjoy sharing with  young ladies in their care, the knowledge and advice found in this study guide and workbook. Written in a friendly and warm manner, there is invaluable information about modesty, fashion, comportment, financial management, vocations, virtues, prayer, social media, relationships, etiquette and more. There are inspiring stories and lovely recipes as well as natural hair and skin care ideas.
     I was so happy as I read through this book and workbook. The way Cheryl Dickow has organized the material invites and promotes healthy and memorable learning experiences for young ladies and the women who aspire to guide them along the correct path of grace, beauty and reverence for God and His beautiful ordered creation. The experience of working through the reading and journal is certain to enhance every young ladies' self esteem. I highly recommend this resource for all young ladies, families, home school families and religious education instructors. Find this wonderful resource @ or

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Parents and Vocations

     This very sweetly written children's story reminds us of the magnificent yet humble gift of priestly vocations. The loving encouragement of parents during a lifetime of discernment is a precious, sacrificial gift to Our Lord. Ms.Sabatini's book, Joseph's Hands, is available in both Spanish and English. This and many other beautifully written family centered Catholic books can be purchased @ Bezalel

Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Glimpse Into Heaven

     Holy cards assist us in Holy contemplation of God's magnificent love for us. As we pray, they help us to stay outside of our own egos and desires, visually guiding us into a picture of Our Lord's glorious story of the journey into His embrace. The website, Holy Card Heaven, is a refreshing and lovely treasury of antique Holy Cards. A visit to Holy Card Heaven is surely a glimpse into Heaven.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Faith, Perserverance, Forgiveness

    Experience the monumental trials of a close knit North Dakota farming family as they make heartbreaking choices to survive drought and dust storms. The Green Coat, thoughtfully written by Rosemary McDunn, is a beautiful story of faith, perserverance and forgiveness.
    Though bombarded with widespread devastation from the dust storms, the responses to the resultant death and financial loss are primarily sacrifice and compassion. Interactions between the characters and descriptions of the drought and storms are vivid without overdramatization. This hope filled story will be enjoyed by readers of all ages. The Green Coat is available at @Bezalel  

Sunday, June 5, 2016

El Ave María y la Oraci​​​​ón/The Hail Mary and Prayer

     Por medio de esta bella presentación llamada El Ave María y la Oraci​​​​ónel Padre Ernesto María Caro nos ayuda a entender cómo el rezo del Ave María enciende dentro nuestras almas una santa contemplación. El Ave María provoca dentro de nuestros corazones y mentes un profundo amor por nuestro Santísima Salvador. Padre Caro comparte con nosotros la profunda esencia thoelogical y lingüística de esta oración más querida, que con cada recitación teje místicamente en nuestros corazones una sed cada vez más profunda, de permanecer en la presencia de Jesús a lo largo de cada momento de nuestras vidas.
(Templo de Esquipulas,Chiquimula, Guatemala)
     Through this beautiful presentation called the The Hail Mary and Prayer (Narrated in Spanish), Father Ernesto Maria Caro helps us to understand how the recitation of the Hail Mary ignites a holy contemplation within our souls. Praying the Ave Maria provokes a deep love for our Holy Savior within our hearts and minds. Father Caro shares with us, the profound theological and linguistic essence of this most beloved prayer, which, with each recitation  mystically weaves within our hearts an ever deeper thirst, to remain in the presence of Jesus throughout every moment of our lives.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Love, Suspence, Tradition

     The author, Cheryl Dickow, has faithfully answered the call to a much higher standard of character building reading for young women today! Miriam, Repentance and Redemption in Rome, by Cheryl Dickow, is the engaging, heartwarming and enlightening sequel to Elizabeth. The exciting international outcome of Miriam and Joseph's life threatening covert assignment is mingled with their unspoken yet powerful love for each other. This thrilling adventure is gently woven into a colorful tapestry of multiple cultural and religious traditions. In this world of automatic hatred based on religious and political differences, the author reminds us that no matter what our religious or cultural background, we are human with hearts that love and can be broken. I enjoyed this book so much!
     The author brings us into the lives of the young heroes and their families in a way that makes you feel like you were there. I enjoyed the ease with which the stories of heroism of our great Catholic Saints seemed to parallel the lives of the heroes in her story. The author presents us with the beauty of how traditions that honor God are an integral part of the lives of the characters in her story. It is refreshing to read books that depict strong Catholic faith in women as a positive, worthy and beautiful traits. Ms. Dickow is unafraid to share our beautiful Catholic traditions with the world. I highly recommend this book for all young ladies in their teens and beyond. The Content of Mrs. Dickow's work is edifying and intellectually gratifying. Visit Bezlalel Books to find additional Catholic literature which is both uplifting and well written. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Cloistered Heart

     Having read Nancy Shuman's Cloistered Heart Blog, I was very happy to receive her book in the mail. The Holy Spirit inspired validating words in The Cloistered Heart far surpassed my already high expectations. Within the pages of this humble book, satiating remedies to distractions in prayer are gently imparted. Thoughtfully addressing lay Catholics, this book also faithfully encourages those called to religious vocations. The seeds of vocation are lovingly planted in the heart of the reader fortunate enough to be beckoned by the whisper of Jesus.
     This is a work to be read  many times during the Christian prayer journey. Each reading is sure to reveal some previously unnoticed gem. This is not a how to book of mediocre prayer formulas. Rather, it is a work which divinely unmasks each readers' unique God given prayer gifts. I look forward to sharing copies of this work.  I'll be sure to keep a copy among my Adoration prayer books.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Monastery Soups

The soup recipes in this cookbook
 introduce the taste buds
to a world of hearty and sumptuous flavors.
You can learn more about Monastery Soups here.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Faith, Farming, Family

     Any undertaking immersed in prayer aligns us with the holiness God's will. Rural/agrarian life can be simultaneously challenging and grace filled. An excellent prayer companion, The Rural Life Prayer Book, compiled and written by Alban J, Dauchauer SJ, is rich in its descriptions of the relationship between faith, farming and family life. It is filled with beautiful, timeless, prayers, devotions and novenas. This prayerbook bears a wealth of encouragement for families seeking to live out their Catholic faith within the context of a rural/agrarian lifestyle.  It can be read online @ the EWTN Online Library or purchased  @ the National Catholic Rural Life Conference website.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Take Notes

     Contemporary trends bombard us relentlessly. We are encouraged to demand unrealistic outcomes from painstaking plans. This often leads to frustration. Failure, by the world's standards, is the most likely result. Abandonment to Divine Providence offers the reader a clear view of the supernatural rewards of complete surrender to the perfect and holy will of God. Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade's classic work presents us with the option to free ourselves of the burden to acquire wealth, popularity and status. Quietly living within God's will fills our every day with the joys of holy simplicity. We are strengthened to bear our trials with constancy and hope. This is an excellent book for a spiritual journal. 
Read Abandonment to Divine Providence on line @Catholic Treasury or puchase a copy @ TAN Books