Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Cloistered Heart

     Having read Nancy Shuman's Cloistered Heart Blog, I was very happy to receive her book in the mail. The Holy Spirit inspired validating words in The Cloistered Heart far surpassed my already high expectations. Within the pages of this humble book, satiating remedies to distractions in prayer are gently imparted. Thoughtfully addressing lay Catholics, this book also faithfully encourages those called to religious vocations. The seeds of vocation are lovingly planted in the heart of the reader fortunate enough to be beckoned by the whisper of Jesus.
     This is a work to be read  many times during the Christian prayer journey. Each reading is sure to reveal some previously unnoticed gem. This is not a how to book of mediocre prayer formulas. Rather, it is a work which divinely unmasks each readers' unique God given prayer gifts. I look forward to sharing copies of this work.  I'll be sure to keep a copy among my Adoration prayer books.

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