Sunday, October 2, 2016

An Excellent Resource for Mothers and Daughters

     All Things Girl, Friends, Fashion and Faith by Cheryl Dickow is an excellent resource for mothers and daughters. Grandmothers, aunts, teachers and mentors would also enjoy sharing with  young ladies in their care, the knowledge and advice found in this study guide and workbook. Written in a friendly and warm manner, there is invaluable information about modesty, fashion, comportment, financial management, vocations, virtues, prayer, social media, relationships, etiquette and more. There are inspiring stories and lovely recipes as well as natural hair and skin care ideas.
     I was so happy as I read through this book and workbook. The way Cheryl Dickow has organized the material invites and promotes healthy and memorable learning experiences for young ladies and the women who aspire to guide them along the correct path of grace, beauty and reverence for God and His beautiful ordered creation. The experience of working through the reading and journal is certain to enhance every young ladies' self esteem. I highly recommend this resource for all young ladies, families, home school families and religious education instructors. Find this wonderful resource @ or

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