Sunday, April 5, 2015


     In this energetically presented CD, Jeff Cavins teaches us how to free ourselves from the spiritually corrosive potency of unforgiveness. We learn here about the folly of insisting that everyone live up to our expectations. Mr. Cavins explains that the infinite gravity of hatred and guarding resentment cannot be underestimated. We are reminded, through the parable of the debtor, how seriously Jesus regards forgivenss.
     The emotional and spiritual torment of mentally replaying offenses is contrasted with the life giving holy beauty of reconciliation. Christ's forgiveness of His persecutors remains the hallmark of Christian forgiveness. It is this act of forgiveness that all Christians must practice in our daily lives. This presentation is outstanding in its relevance for all Christians, Catholic and non-Catholic, as we aspire to walk ever faithfully with Jesus.

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