Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trusting in God With St. Therese by Connie Rossini-Chapter 1

Trusting in God With St. Therese 
by Connie Rossini
     A superficial overview of Connie Rossini's contemplation igniting work would not do justice to the supernatural value of her book. From the first pages, the reader is drawn into the innocence and humility with which Saint Therese grasped the salvific trials given to her by Our Blessed Lord. We are quickly challenged to view our personal sorrows through the Divine lense of the eternal joy that has been promised to us by our Heavenly Father. Commonly, the emotional outcome of tragedy and disappointment are experienced as in a measuring cup calibrated by worldly stanards. Followers of Jesus are called to a higher standard of measure.  That measure is trust. The joy in our souls, no longer dependent upon circumstances beyond our control, is directly related to our trust in God. Focusing on the love of God and neighbor instead of ourselves enhances our trust in God. Recognizing the signs and outcomes of trust and distrust in God help us to stay on the path to holiness.
      Thank you Mrs. Rossini for Sharing so candidly about your decision to become a secular Carmelite. Thank you for the first new (new to me)lesson I have learned from St. Therese- "nothing but trust will lead us to God."

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