Sunday, October 4, 2015

Trusting in God With St. Therese by Connie Rossini-Chapter 13

Trusting in God With St. Therese 
by Connie Rossini
     Throughout her religious life, Saint Therese made little acts of sacrificial love, not to store up the merits for herself, but for the eternal benefit of other souls. Self  offering was a remarkable characteristic of her spiritual life. Not concerned about her own possible entry into Purgatory, she selflessly, freely, and lovingly, concerned herself with the salvation of other souls. 
     Thank you Mrs. Rossini for this chapter, which so lovingly teaches us about the last four things-death, judgment, heaven and hell. We are gently reminded that the God we fear compassionately takes into account our weaknesses when judging us. God is justice itself. We are responsible to ardently seek out what God desires of us. With this knowledge, it is our duty to elect to obey God. Our failures during this struggle, increase our humility. We must be confident in His forgiveness. The Holy Spirit helps us to differentiate between hope in His mercy and the presumption of His forgiveness. Prayers and sacrifices on behalf of souls dear to us who have passed from this life are of great importance. What a gift it is to trust in His will regarding the eternity of our loved ones. 
   I am grateful to have experienced the past thirteen weeks with this candid and beautifully written book. I look forward to sharing this, and reading more of Connie Rossini's writings.

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