Sunday, July 13, 2014

Heliotropium Part 2 of 5

      What if I don't get "what I want?"  What if God's will differs from my desires?  How can I be truly content under these conditions? How can I recognize and follow God's will?
     Book 2 of Heliotropium~Conformity of the Human Will to the Divine helps us to daily recognize and desire God's  will. It stresses the importance of asking His will before impulsively embarking upon any task.
     As each day of assisting our friend passes, we experience ups and downs, waiting and rushing, good news and bad news, assurance and doubt. Our only tranquility comes from surrendering our efforts to the will of the Father. Reverent, contemplative daily recitation of the most Holy Rosary graces us with the beautiful example of Our Holy Savior and His Sweet Mother's complete surrender to the Divine Will generously flowing from our Almighty Father's heart. We are daily reminded that moment to moment acceptance brings about more peace than the futile struggle to enforce our desired outcome. Not knowing when or how things will turn out, we are mystically strengthened in our capacity to face the unknown. We are repeatedly surprised by the joy that comes from voluntarily embracing God's will, especially since the ultimate conclusion of each turn of events remains beyond our control. Releasing our tight controlling grip allows us to endure, with compassionate empathy, the singular aspects of our friend's sorrows instead of interfering with God's holy and infallible design. Relinquishing the impulse to battle against God's plan, we are trustingly participating in His marvelous, loving design for all involved.
     Openness to the guidance of the Holy Spirit has sweetened our tears and filled us with hope. We are becoming free to bask in the warm light of the Divine Mercy of Jesus. The the nagging cacophonous lament, "Why?" loses its relevance as it is sublimely transformed into the euphonious hymn "Yes!"
     From the second part of this five part masterpiece, I have learned to attend to well-defined indicators that our will is conformed to the will of God and why He is closest to us at times of sorrow. An invaluable spiritual exercise, that I pray would honor and glorify Our Blessed Lord, is to endure adversity in prayerful, grateful silence. May my unceasing prayer be "Thank you Jesus. Thy will be done." 
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