Sunday, July 20, 2014

Heliotropium Part 3 of 5

     When looking back and looking ahead, do I daily capture the beauty of each event in life within my heart as a mental photograph which will become the mural painted upon my heart by God? Why do I gravitate towards the tendency to resist God's will as if I know better than He? How could I be so arrogant, so egotistical? How could I ever believe that striving for my will instead of God's would make me happy?
   Book 3 of Heliotropium~Conformity of the Human Will to the Divine emphasizes obedience to God in all things and complete submission to His Will. The result of union of our will with that of God is true happiness, referred to in this book as "Heaven out of Heaven".
     While helping our friend through grief, sorrow and uncertainty, it is we who have been most spiritually enriched. We are daily amazed as he peacefully faces the unknown with a humble, unwavering surrender to God's Will. His patient and kind words testify to a heart filled with gratitude for the mercy and intercession of Jesus and Mary. Like Saint Paul, my friend daily experiences Divine contentment amid earthly misfortune.
     Looking back on events that preceded the present, I am in awe at the seeds of God's design planted within seemingly unrelated events. He is the Supreme architect of all life. Seeking and accepting His Holy and Perfect Will in all of life's twists and turns lead to the greatest happiness. For this reason the Holy Martyrs, rejecting earthly comforts and self adulation, greatly rejoiced in their sufferings for the glory of God.
     From the third part of this five part masterpiece, I have learned that our greatest happiness in life can only come from pleasing God. I have learned how immensely pleased Our Lord is by our total obedience, which far surpasses any humanly schemed offering. When I ask God, what He wants of me, I know without a doubt that He most desires obedient conformity of my will to His. May my unceasing prayer be "Thank you Jesus. Thy will be done." 
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