Sunday, September 7, 2014

too late?

     Unresolved intra~familial conflicts loom over us continually lacerating our hearts. As rusted hinges upon an old fence, years of silently recoiling from "kin" freezes the likelihood of loving reunions.
     The mangled roots of these ruinous seeds deceive us into believing that it is too late to repair affections so long ago ruptured. The result is endless repetition of the same spiritual and interpersonal calamities throughout a lifetime and from generation to generation.
Nothing is impossible for God! (see Luke 1:37)
     Healing Your Family Tree by Father John H. Hampsch challeges the reader to take steps, requiring heroic virtue.  The easy to read question answer format, provides ample instruction and examples of spiritual means of healing sorrows of every magnitude. Exercises in multi~generational and ancestral forgiveness demonstrate that it is never too late for successful personal and intra~familial healing. 
     Take note of the the illustration and description of the tree on the front cover. Don't be afraid to delve into the healing possibilities found within these pages! You can purchase Healing Your Family Tree @ catholic

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