Sunday, October 5, 2014

Love and Trust

  I love the story of Tobias, his wife, son and in laws and their trusting relationship with the archangel Rafael. They remain faithful to God throughout several frightening, life threatening events. They risk their lives to obey God. How beautiful is the example of the father as spiritual leader of his family, instructing his child in both word and example. How powerful is this father's example of courage as he performs acts of mercy. The family remains united in faith, not swayed by blindness or death. They obediently trust in the angel sent to them by God. They accept His will, even when there is every mortal probability of sorrow. They pray faithfully, hearts filled with loving thanksgiving, even though they have not yet experienced a favorable outcome. Finally, they rejoice in God's mercy upon them.
      As Catholics, we are greatly blessed by the Deuterocanonical accounts of courage, obedience and faith. The prayers of these trusting followers of God merit recitation in our own lives. We may benefit from these writings in a viety of translations of the Bible. It is a privilege to share these accounts with persons of every faith.

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